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Earthworks Announce Contract with Newline Civil Engineering

NT Killingley is pleased to announce that the Earthworks department has secured a further contract with Newline Civil Engineering, following on from the successful Anstey housing development working for Davidson Homes.

The project involves ground stabilisation and modification of suitable material won from a number of Davidson Homes sites in the surrounding area.


Tom Thomson for NT Killingley said, “These schemes are ideal for us, recycling material from these sites by means of stabilisation and or modification reduces volumes of material going to landfill and decreases lorry movements minimising Co2 emissions in line with N T Killingleys commitment to carbon reduction.”


The £120,000 sub-contract scheme is due to start at the end of November is scheduled to last 5 weeks.

Excavator operated by Killingley
Excavator operated by Killingley

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Excavator operated by Killingley

Excavator operated by Killingley