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Surface Dressing get LessonBound Approved

NT Killingley is pleased to announce that the Surface Dressing department has achieved "Approved Installer" status for Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd Leeson Bound System. 


Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd is the UK’s largest manufacturer of MDI polyurethane one component (moisture curing) and two component structural adhesives. 


The LeesonBound system is a BBA HAPAS Approved, high-performance SUDs compliant porous aggregate bound system, incorporating a non-hazardous, fast curing, flexible solvent-free resin and a range of aggregate blends. Systems cure to give an attractive durable finish. The long service life and seamless surface reduce the need for repairs, maintenance and cleaning are just some of the reasons why NT Killingley were so keen to work with Leeson. 


Available in a variety of vibrant colours the LeesonBound system is SUDs Compliant, available in both non UV and UV stabilised versions and has an excellent track record of performance and durability. 


Simon Wolstenholme, Contracts Manager for NT Killingley said: "The LeesonBound System is a fantastic addition to our capabilities, the quality and performance benefits will be a great asset not only to our team of installers but also to our clients and end users."


Further information can be found on our  dedicated LeesonBound page:


LeesonBound Resin Surfacing
LeesonBound certificate
LeesonBound Resin Surfacing
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