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Tree, Hedge & Shrub Planting

A well thought out planting design that adheres to a detailed and stringent specification maximises on the visual impact of any scheme.


With a dedicated and time-served horticulturist team, we are able to undertake high-quality installations and can provide valuable professional advice throughout the project when value engineering is required. 


Our extensive experience in reclamation means we are able to advise on topsoil suitability and improvements to ensure successful planting schemes.


Semi-Mature Tree Planting:

The supply and planting of large semi-mature trees is a specialism that we can carry out with our in-house planting teams. Working closely with our customers and landscape architects we are able to provide assistance in the final design and suitability of large semi-mature trees. 


Annual visits to the larger European tree nurseries are undertaken where our operatives are trained in the most up to date, safe and efficient method of tree handling.


Tree pit construction in roads and hard surfacing is another skill and a feature that goes hand-in-hand with semi-mature tree planting, preventing future damage to surfaces, whilst ensuring the trees thrive for the next 150 years.


Forestry Tree and Shrub Planting:

The backbone of the company since its inception, NT Killingley have supplied and successfully installed millions of native broadleaved and coniferous trees and shrubs over the years on a wide range of projects.


Our site operatives are extremely experienced in handling and planting forestry whips, we are able to install vast areas of woodlands at a high rate of production as well as fitting an array of tree and shrub protection. 


Areas of Expertise:

  • Semi-Mature Tree Planting

  • Tree Pit Construction

  • Forestry Maintenance

  • Forestry Planting

  • Planting Design

  • Weed Control, Mulching & Pruning

To discuss your tree, hedge and shrub requirements, please contact our friendly team:

Jody Matthews

Estimating Manager

07976 289629

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