Building a Greener, more sustainable Future

We transform landscapes with biodiversity expertise and woodland creation, enhancing ecological health.

Our sustainable woodland strategies create beautiful, resilient spaces for nature and communities.

Biodiversity Solutions for a Thriving Future

At Killingley, we understand the vital role biodiversity plays in a healthy ecosystem. Our dedicated team of landscaping specialists are passionate about creating and enhancing natural habitats. We utilise our extensive experience and in-house expertise to offer a comprehensive suite of biodiversity solutions, including:

  • Habitat Creation & Enhancement: This includes planting trees, wildflowers, and marginal plants, installing features like hibernacula and bird boxes, and creating wildlife corridors.
  • Species Support: We offer services like pollinator-friendly plant selection, badger sett creation, and bat box installation.
  • Ecological Expertise: Our team conducts ecological surveys and reports to guide your biodiversity efforts and ensure land management best practices.

Enhancing our Environment

Biodiversity Management

In our commitment to biodiversity, we harness the expertise of our extensive in-house workforce to execute a variety of specialised operations. These include the meticulous planting of trees, selection, and installation of pollinator-friendly plants, as well as the establishment of forestry areas. Additionally, we undertake initiatives such as wildflower seeding, marginal and aquatics planting, and the creation of hibernacula to support diverse wildlife habitats.

Species Support Initiatives

At the forefront of our efforts is the provision of support for various species through targeted interventions. We focus on installing bird and bat boxes, creating badger setts, and developing wildlife corridors to facilitate the movement of fauna. Furthermore, our services encompass comprehensive ecological surveys and reports, along with ecological land management practices aimed at preserving and enhancing natural ecosystems.

Our Comprehensive Biodiversity Services:

  • Planting of trees 
  • Pollinator-friendly plant selection and installation
  • Forestry Creation and Establishment
  • Wildflower Seeding
  • Marginal & Aquatics Planting
  • Hibernacula Creation
  • Bird and Bat Box Installation
  • Badger Sett Creation
  • Wildlife Corridors
  • Ecological Surveys and Reports
  • Ecological Land Management

Habitat Creation and Enhancement

  • Planting Trees: We can help you design and implement woodland creation initiatives, providing a vital habitat for a wide range of species and contributing to cleaner air and improved water quality.
  • Wildflower Seeding: Our experts can select and plant native wildflowers, creating vibrant meadows that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, crucial for a healthy ecosystem.
  • Marginal and Aquatic Plantings: We offer expertise in planting along water features, fostering a healthy ecosystem for aquatic life and creating visually stunning landscapes.
  • Habitat Features: Our team can install features like hibernacula (shelters for overwintering animals) and bird and bat boxes, providing much-needed safe havens for various wildlife species.
  • Wildlife Corridors: Killingley can design and build wildlife corridors, connecting fragmented habitats and allowing for safe movement of animals across landscapes.

Species Support and Management

  • Pollinator-Friendly Planting: We understand the importance of pollinators and can create bespoke planting schemes using native wildflowers and flowering shrubs to attract and support bee populations.
  • Badger Sett Creation: Our team can assist with the creation of badger setts, respecting all legal requirements and ensuring these crucial badger homes are built to the highest standards.
  • Bat Box Installation: By strategically installing bat boxes, we can provide safe roosting sites for these vital insect-eating creatures.

Ecological Expertise

  • Ecological Surveys and Reports: Our dedicated team conducts thorough ecological surveys to assess the existing flora and fauna on your land. These surveys offer valuable insights to guide your biodiversity efforts and maintain compliance with relevant regulations.
  • Ecological Land Management: Based on the ecological survey findings, Killingley can develop an ecological land management plan. This plan outlines best practices for maintaining and enhancing the biodiversity on your land, promoting a thriving ecosystem for generations to come.

Why Choose Killingley for Biodiversity Management

With our extensive expertise and dedicated workforce, Killingley offers a comprehensive suite of biodiversity management services. From tree planting to woodland creation and ecological surveys, we provide tailored solutions to enhance and preserve natural habitats.

Our commitment to sustainability ensures minimal ecological impact, while our focus on quality and innovation guarantees exceptional results.

With Killingley, clients can trust in our expertise, reliability, and commitment to delivering solutions that promote and protect biodiversity.

Partner with us for your biodiversity management needs and experience the difference our dedicated team can make in enhancing and preserving natural environments.

Creating better environments

Killingley’s capabilities go beyond traditional groundwork and encompass a wider range of solutions. We offer a complete package designed to transform your outdoor space – from fostering biodiversity to creating functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

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