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Tree Pit Construction

The selection and size of trees is the first step in designing and constructing the correct profile for tree pits and ancillaries. Even when planting small trees you need to provide enough soil for the lifetime of the tree.  As a guide you require roughly 10m3 of available soil for a tree to grow and thrive.  Avoid creating the classic mistake; a hole 1m x1m x1m and expect the tree to live!  Unless you are planting a tree in open un-restricted ground this is never a recipe for success and the tree will fail at some point in the near future.

For public realm installations and trees planted immediately adjacent to highways and engineered structures, root volume beneath and around is carefully considered, as well as the weight of traffic that will pass over the tree pit. Where necessary structural soil modules or similar are incorporated during the civils or groundwork stage for effective protection of both the root zone but also the paving or road above ground.

To ensure trees thrive for their lifetime we can design appropriate aeration, drainage and irrigation systems. In addition, we can advise on effective tree root management solutions to take into account the surrounding environment so as to reduce the risk of surface root damage, encouraging the tree to thrive whilst controlling pavement or road heave.  

Areas of Expertise:

  • Above Ground Protection

  • Aeration

  • Drainage

  • Hard Landscaped Areas

  • Irrigation

  • Root Ball Tethering

  • Root Management Solutions

  • Soft Landscape Schemes 


To discuss your tree pit requirements please call our friendly team:

Jody Matthews

Estimating Manager

07976 289629

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