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Marathon Man Waino

Our very own Richard Wainwright will be running the London Marathon on the 22nd April in aid of Shelter.


Richard said: "This is my first marathon at 50 years old so an incredible challenge both mentally and physically. The charity I have chosen to support is Shelter. Whilst working nights in Sheffield City Center I saw first hand the plight of many homeless people.


It was meeting one person in particular whose life has spiralled out of control following a diagnosis of epilepsy and had found himself on the streets having to beg for food that inspired me.


Through many conversations, I learned the issues that face many people on the streets and discovered how easy it could be for anyone of us to suffer a similar fate.


The work of Shelter is so valuable to many people in need, without this lifeline the suffering on the streets would be even more unbearable than it already is.


Many people would rather walk past and forget the person they have just seen, it's so much easier to pretend they are invisible.

Richard Wainwright

To some people running a marathon seems like a monumental task but to these people so is everyday life, 26 miles is nothing compared to 24 hours in their shoes.

I aim to run every last mile for the faces most people choose to walk by.


Every penny you help raise will help someone get access to shelter and food, the things that most of us take for granted."

Donations can be made online:

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