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LeesonBound System

NT Killingley is an authorised installer for the LessonBound system.  Leeson Polyurethanes have been supplying stone bound systems since the mid-1990's and since that time the systems have demonstrated their quality, durability and ease of maintenance.


  • Bridle ways

  • Swimming Pool Surrounds

  • Cemetery footpaths

  • Golf buggy paths

  • Rain water harvesting

  • Footpaths

  • SUDS Areas

  • Playground circulation areas

  • Car parks & parking bays

  • Woodland trails

  • Driveways


  • High Strength System

  • Porous/SUDS Compliant

  • Range of Approved Aggregate Blends

  • Excellent Track Record

  • UV and non UV Stabilised Versions Available

  • BBA Approved

  • Resistant to various acids, petrol & diesel

LeesonBound is a BBA Approved, high-performance SUDS compliant porous aggregate bound system, incorporating a non-hazardous, fast curing, flexible solvent-free resin and a range of aggregate blends. 

LeesonBound is available in a full range of colours:

Autumn Gold - UVR Only

Autumn Gold - UVR Only

Silver - UVR Only

Silver - UVR Only



Terracotta - UVR Only

Terracotta - UVR Only





For more information on LeesonBound please contact us


Or call: 

Matt Killingley

​07977 261629

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