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Dimensional Control & Setting Out

The key to the accuracy of any project is the quality of control and setting out. Our engineers are able to undertake all aspects of survey control establishment, checking and maintenance to ensure your site control stays accurate and precise. We can undertake control checks and transformations as required to ensure you are tying in with design information be it in National or Local Grid formats whether it is for use in construction, monitoring, machine control, or any other application. 


Setting out can also be undertaken for clients: profile boards, batter rails, kerbing pins, etc can be installed for use on site following interrogation of your design information.


Machine Control: 

Our Site Engineering contracting department works closely with the rest of the NT Killingley team to provide 3D modelling, support and troubleshooting for their fleet of machine controlled equipment, these are services we also offer externally.


We can help clients with 3D model creation for use in all machine control systems and applications.


We can interrogate on-site control to cross-reference with 3D models, establish base stations and perform transformations from National to Local Grids if necessary to ensure the finished works comply with
the design requirements.

To discuss our full range of Site Engineering services in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire and the Midlands please contact our friendly team:

David Bagshawe

Senior Engineer

01246 859666

07477 449986

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