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Aerial Surveying, Photography & Filming

We operate a fleet of UAVs (unmaned aerial vehicles) to cover all aspects of aerial works.  Our staff are fully trained, insured and Civil Aviation Authority approved for the use of UAVs for commercial work. Our Aerial Surveying contracting service covers all of the Midlands including South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Based in Chesterfield we are ideally placed between Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham.   


Major efficiencies and economies can be made through the use of UAVs and we are able to advise clients and plan activities to make the best of this potential for topographical surveys, land surveying and 3D digital terrain models.



Topographic/land surveying:

  • Efficiency gains for ‘normal’ survey tasks with much greater levels of detail captured

  • Large areas are able to be surveyed very quickly

  • Inaccessible or high-risk areas able to be undertaken quickly and efficiently without putting persons at risk

  • Complete photographic record of site as a ‘by-product’


3D modelling:


Photography and filming:

  • Hi-resolution imagery and 4k video footage

  • Can be used for marketing, progress reporting, presentations or simply for record keeping and audit trail purposes


Inspection and surveying:

  • Building or structure inspections can be undertaken quickly, economically, safely and remotely without the need for other access arrangements such as scaffolding

  • Roof inspections, chimney/wind farm inspections, insurance assessments and agricultural/geological environmental surveys

  • Much more affordable than aircraft hire for comparable outputs

To discuss our full range of Site Engineering services in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire and the Midlands please contact our friendly team:

David Bagshawe

Senior Engineer

01246 859666

07477 779986

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