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3D Digital Terrain Modelling & Project Analysis

Our site engineers are highly experienced in producing 3D digital terrain models, 3D renders,  point clouds and digital elevation modelling for use in all aspects of the project life cycle. We operate cutting-edge 3D modelling software capable of multiple input and output formats including BIM integration. 


Quite often, we find we can incorporate design changes that greatly increase project efficiencies with the benefit of savings in both time and costs.


Digital elevation modelling also brings increased project understanding, which leads to more accurate planning and potential incorporation of machine control systems to realise even greater efficiencies.


With a team of CAA qualified UAV pilots, we are able to survey the largest of sites using the latest in drone surveying equipment that will provide high accurate topographical and land surveys that can be used for volumetric analysis for cut and fill.

To discuss our full range of Site Engineering services in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire and the Midlands including Chesterfield and Sheffield, please contact our friendly team:

David Bagshawe

Senior Engineer

01246 859666

07477 779986

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